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The initial vision with this book was to produce a hands-on introduction laptop or computer programming for Junior High School and Students. It's been written with little from the jargon and complexity of numerous programming books and will also be appropriate for anyone 10 who would like to learn how to program and is able to experiment.

Programming a pc is recognized as by many people to become a task that's beyond an average middle grades student. Personally, i know this isn't so because, I learned to program my TRS-80 desktop computer throughout individuals many years of my existence. Programming was different: simpler for the reason that we did not be concerned about hard drives, color, or graphics and harder for the similar reasons.

This book tries to engage through programming media (seem, color, shapes, and text-to-speech) after which employed in the normal concepts of programming (loops, conditions, variables...) to create animations, games, and fun programs. Full source code to example programs receive to ensure that experimentation can definitely hone the abilities learned.

Recent updates towards the book include: sprites, sorting, stacks, queues, linked lists, error trapping, databases, as well as networking.

Ebook detailsJames M. Reneau | Publisher: CreateSpace 2010
Date posted2013-02-11


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